Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
releasing doves for special occasions
off-site data backup
office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair
office machines and equipment rental*
rental of office equipment in co-working facilities
rental of offices [real estate]
rental of offices for co-working
offset printing
providing scientific information, advice and consultancy relating to carbon offsetting
tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes
drilling of deep oil or gas wells
exploration services in the field of the oil, gas and mining industries
financial evaluation of development costs relating to the oil, gas and mining industries
oil prospecting
processing of oil
analysis for oil-field exploitation
oil-field surveys
oil-well testing
arranging of passenger transportation services for others via an online application
game services provided online from a computer network
online advertising on a computer network
online banking
online publication of electronic books and journals
online retail services for downloadable and pre-recorded music and movies
online retail services for downloadable digital music
online retail services for downloadable ring tones
online social networking services
providing online electronic publications, not downloadable
providing online forums
providing online music, not downloadable
providing online videos, not downloadable
provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services
transmission of greeting cards online
user authentication services using single sign-on technology for online software applications
opening of security locks
operating canal locks
rescue operations [transport]
opinion polling
communications by fiber optic networks
communications by fibre optic networks
optical glass grinding
opticians' services
search engine optimisation for sales promotion
web site traffic optimisation
search engine optimization for sales promotion
web site traffic optimization
orchestra services
advertising by mail order
delivery of goods by mail order
administrative processing of purchase orders
business management and organization consultancy
business organization consultancy
orthodontic services
outdoor advertising
outsourced administrative management for companies
information technology services provided on an outsourcing basis
outsourcing services [business assistance]