Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries
retail services for works of art provided by art galleries
gambling services
game services provided online from a computer network
games equipment rental
garage rental
zoological garden services
landscape gardening
rental of animals for gardening purposes
drilling of deep oil or gas wells
exploration services in the field of the oil, gas and mining industries
financial evaluation of development costs relating to the oil, gas and mining industries
genealogical research
rental of generators
geological prospecting
geological research
geological surveys
gift registry services
gift wrapping
optical glass grinding
rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware
providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
providing user access to global computer networks
rental of access time to global computer networks
fur glossing
gold plating
providing golf facilities
graphic arts design
graphic design of promotional materials
vehicle greasing
transmission of greeting cards online
optical glass grinding
animal grooming
pet grooming
rental of sports grounds
guard services
night guard services
guarded transport of valuables
personal body guarding
vocational guidance [education or training advice]
conducting guided climbing tours
conducting guided tours
gymnastic instruction