Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
fabric bleaching
fabric fireproofing
fabric waterproofing
permanent-press treatment of fabrics
face painting
facsimile transmission
rental of facsimile apparatus
inspection of factories for safety purposes
factory construction
building of fair stalls and shops
organization of trade fairs
farming equipment rental
rental of farms
organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes
organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes
custom fashioning of fur
timber felling and processing
ferry-boat transport
in vitro fertilisation services
aerial and surface spreading of fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals
in vitro fertilization services
aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals
communications by fiber optic networks
communications by fibre optic networks
analysis for oil-field exploitation
oil-field surveys
computerized file management
data search in computer files for others
transmission of digital files
tax filing services
film directing, other than advertising films
film distribution
film production, other than advertising films
film projector repair and maintenance
photographic film development
processing of cinematographic films
production of advertising films
providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services
arranging finance for construction projects
business liquidation services, financial
clearing-houses, financial
clearing, financial
financial analysis
financial appraisals in responding to calls for tenders
financial appraisals in responding to requests for proposals [RFPs]
financial auditing
financial consultancy
financial customs brokerage services
financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]
financial evaluation of development costs relating to the oil, gas and mining industries
financial evaluation of standing timber
financial evaluation of wool
financial exchange of virtual currency
financial management
financial management of reimbursement payments for others
financial research
financial sponsorship
financial valuation of intellectual property assets
financial valuation of standing timber
financial valuation of wool
providing financial information
providing financial information via a web site
financing services
hire-purchase financing
lease-purchase financing
applying finishes to textiles
stripping finishes
paper finishing
fire alarm installation and repair
fire insurance underwriting
rental of fire alarms
rental of fire extinguishers
cloth fireproofing
fabric fireproofing
textile fireproofing
firing pottery
pottery firing
fiscal valuation
conducting fitness classes
physical fitness assessment services for training purposes
installation and repair of flood protection equipment
flour milling
flower arranging
flower delivery
administration of frequent flyer programs
decorating of food
food and drink catering
food and drink preservation
food sculpting
food smoking
frozen-food locker rental
pasteurising of food and beverages
pasteurizing of food and beverages
freezing of foods
economic forecasting
weather forecasting
pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry
vermin exterminating for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry
arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums
providing online forums
freight forwarding
fracking services
hydraulic fracturing services
licensing [legal services] in the framework of software publishing
marketing in the framework of software publishing
software development in the framework of software publishing
framing of works of art
franking of mail
electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud via the internet
business management for freelance service providers
rental of freezers
freezing equipment installation and repair
freezing of foods
freight [shipping of goods]
freight brokerage
freight brokerage [forwarding (Am.)]
freight forwarding
administration of frequent flyer programs
air freshening
frozen-food locker rental
fruit crushing
fulling of cloth
charitable fund raising
provident fund services
business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding
electronic funds transfer
investment of funds
mutual funds
conducting funeral ceremonies
funerary undertaking
custom fashioning of fur
fur care, cleaning and repair
fur conditioning
fur dyeing
fur glossing
fur mothproofing
fur satining
furnace installation and repair
furniture maintenance
furniture restoration
transporting furniture