Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
personal background investigations
off-site data backup
bacteriological research
security screening of baggage
retail services relating to bakery products
tire balancing
tyre balancing
organization of balls
blood bank services
human tissue bank services
savings bank services
mortgage banking
online banking
bar services
snack-bar services
barge transport
information technology services provided on an outsourcing basis
public bath services for hygiene purposes
Turkish bath services
cell phone battery charging services
vehicle battery charging
arranging of beauty contests
beauty salon services
rental of beehives
beer brewing for others
window tinting treatment, being surface coating
rental of diving bells
bereavement counseling
bereavement counselling
pasteurising of food and beverages
pasteurizing of food and beverages
rental of billboards [advertising boards]
biological research
fabric bleaching
blood bank services
electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]
boarding for animals
boarding house bookings
boarding house services
boarding school education
boat rental
boat storage
boat transport
ferry-boat transport
pleasure boat transport
body piercing
personal body guarding
boiler cleaning and repair
rental of boilers
stocks and bonds brokerage
booking of seats for shows
booking of seats for travel
boarding house bookings
bookmobile services
online publication of electronic books and journals
publication of books
bottling services
monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach
custom manufacturing of bread
vehicle breakdown repair services
vehicle breakdown towing services
monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns
pier breakwater building
animal breeding
beer brewing for others
cable television broadcasting
radio broadcasting
television broadcasting
wireless broadcasting
brokerage of carbon credits
financial customs brokerage services
freight brokerage
freight brokerage [forwarding (Am.)]
insurance brokerage
real estate brokerage
securities brokerage
stock brokerage services
stocks and bonds brokerage
transport brokerage
building construction supervision
building insulating
building of fair stalls and shops
building sealing
pier breakwater building
research in the field of building construction
cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]
cleaning of buildings [interior]
demolition of buildings
rental of transportable buildings*
rental of bulldozers
electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]
accommodation bureau services [apartments]
accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]
credit bureau services
burglar alarm installation and repair
monitoring of burglar and security alarms
burial services
burner maintenance and repair
burnishing by abrasion
bus transport
advisory services for business management
business appraisals
business auditing
business card design
business efficiency expert services
business inquiries
business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding
business investigations
business liquidation services, financial
business management and organization consultancy
business management assistance
business management consultancy
business management for freelance service providers
business management of hotels
business management of performing artists
business management of reimbursement programmes for others
business management of reimbursement programs for others
business management of sports people
business organization consultancy
business project management services for construction projects
business research
interim business management
negotiation of business contracts for others
professional business consultancy
providing business information
providing business information via a web site
providing commercial and business contact information
administrative services for the relocation of businesses
provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services