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ClassIndicationBasic No.
absorbent wadding
wadding for filtering
wadding for medical purposes
wadding for padding and stuffing upholstery
edible paper wafers
sealing wafers
wafers for integrated circuits
waffle irons, electric
waffle irons, non-electric
railway wagon lifts
dinner wagons [furniture]
loading gauge rods of metal for railway wagons
loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons
refrigerated railway wagons
wah-wah pedals
wainscotting of metal
wainscotting, not of metal
waist trimmer exercise belts
bullet-proof waistcoats
walk-in refrigerators
infant walkers
wheeled walkers to aid mobility
ferrules of metal for walking sticks
walking cane handles
walking frames for disabled persons
walking stick handles
walking stick seats
walking sticks for medical purposes
walking sticks*
moving walkways
adhesives for wall tiles
wall claddings of metal for building
wall claddings, not of metal, for building
wall hangings of textile
wall hangings, not of textile
wall linings of metal for building
wall linings, not of metal, for building
wall plugs of metal
wall plugs, not of metal
wall tiles of metal
wall tiles, not of metal
wall-mounted baby changing platforms
textile wallcoverings
downloadable e-wallets
pocket wallets
adhesives for wallpaper
textile wallpaper
wallpaper cleaning preparations
wallpaper removing preparations
porcelain ware
bed warmers
candle warmers, electric and non-electric
leg warmers
plate warmers
pocket warmers
USB-powered hand warmers
warming pans
anti-theft warning apparatus
vehicle breakdown warning triangles
wart pencils
lime wash
wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]
wash-hand bowls [parts of sanitary installations]
high pressure washers
washers for water faucets
washers for water taps
washers of metal
washers of rubber or vulcanized fiber
washers of rubber or vulcanized fibre
animal washes [insecticides]
cattle washes [insecticides]
dog washes [insecticides]
eye-washes, not for medical purposes
insecticidal veterinary washes
medicated eye-washes
vaginal washes for medical purposes
vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes
appliances for washing body cavities
bottle washing machines
car washing mitts
cloth for washing floors
coin-operated washing machines
colour-washing machines
mesh bags for washing laundry
quillaia bark for washing
rotary washing lines
vehicle washing installations
washing apparatus
washing boards
washing coppers
washing installations for vehicles
washing machines [laundry]
washing soda, for cleaning
washing trays [photography]
hand drying apparatus for washrooms
washstands [furniture]
apparatus for dehydrating food waste
containers especially made for medical waste
cotton waste [flock] for padding and stuffing
cotton waste for cleaning
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal
distillery waste for animal consumption
plastic bags for pet waste disposal
pneumatic waste oil drainers
silk waste
waste compacting machines
waste disposal units
waste paper baskets
wool waste for cleaning
watch bands
watch cases [parts of watches]
watch chains
watch crystals
watch glasses
watch hands
watch springs
watch straps
clocks and watches, electric
movements for clocks and watches
presentation boxes for watches
acidulated water for recharging accumulators
acidulated water for recharging batteries
aerated water
apparatus for aerating water
carbonated water
cooling installations for water
distilled water
filters for drinking water
Goulard water
heavy water
hot water bottles
hot water heating installations
ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water
ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water
Javelle water
lavender water
lead water
lithia water
machines for the mineralisation of drinking water
machines for the mineralization of drinking water
melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes
micellar water
mineral water [beverages]
mineral water salts
mixer faucets for water pipes
mixer taps for water pipes
orange blossom water for culinary purposes
potash water
preparations for making aerated water
preparations for making carbonated water
pressure water tanks
regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes
regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus
rods for water diviners
safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes
salts for mineral water baths
scented water
sea water for cooking
sea water for medicinal bathing
seltzer water
siphon bottles for aerated water
siphon bottles for carbonated water
soda water
thermal water
toilet water
vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail
washers for water faucets
washers for water taps
water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums
water bags for medical purposes
water closets
water conduits installations
water distribution installations
water filtering apparatus
water flushing installations
water glass [soluble glass]
water heaters
water heaters being parts of machines
water intake apparatus
water level indicators
water purification installations
water purifying apparatus and machines
water separators
water softening apparatus and installations
water sterilisers
water sterilizers
water supply installations
water vehicles
water wings
water-pipe valves of metal
water-pipe valves of plastic
water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic
water-pipes for sanitary installations
water-pipes of metal
water-pipes, not of metal
water-purifying chemicals
wet suits for water-skiing
water-softening preparations
water-tight rings
waterbeds for medical purposes
waterbeds, not for medical purposes
artists' watercolor saucers
watercolor paints for use in art
fixatives for watercolors
watercolors [paintings]
artists' watercolour saucers
watercolour paints for use in art
fixatives for watercolours
watercolours [paintings]
nozzles for watering cans
nozzles for watering hose
roses for watering cans
sprinklers for watering flowers and plants
syringes for watering flowers and plants
watering cans
watering devices
watering hose
watering installations, automatic
watering machines for agricultural purposes
waterproof clothing
waterproof packings
cement-waterproofing chemicals, except paints
leather-waterproofing chemicals
textile-waterproofing chemicals
mineral waters for medical purposes
table waters
waters [beverages]
hair waving preparations
neutralizers for permanent waving
waving preparations for the hair
belting wax
carnauba wax
cobblers' wax
depilatory wax
floor wax
floor wax removers [scouring preparations]
grafting wax for trees
industrial wax
modelling wax, not for dental purposes
molding wax for dentists
moulding wax for dentists
moustache wax
mustache wax
non-slipping wax for floors
polishing wax
sealing wax
shoe wax
shoemakers' wax
ski wax brushes
tailors' wax
wax [raw material]
wax ends
wax for lighting
wax for parquet floors
wax for skis
wax-bleaching chemicals
parquet wax-polishers, electric
apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric
machines and apparatus for wax-polishing, electric
wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes
waxed paper
waxes for leather
inclined ways for boats
materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways
ballistic weapons
bandoliers for weapons
fencing weapons
motorized weapons
shoulder straps for weapons
tear-gas weapons
trunnions for heavy weapons
badges for wear, not of precious metal
breeches for wear
reflective articles for wear, for the prevention of accidents
sashes for wear
wearable activity trackers
wearable computers
wearable video display monitors
digital weather stations
weather vanes of metal
weather- or wind-vanes of metal
weatherstripping compositions
bobbins for weaving looms
gears for weaving looms
reels for weaving looms
webbed gloves for swimming
ladder tapes or webbing for venetian blinds
swimming webs
weeding forks [hand tools]
weeding machines
weighing apparatus and instruments
weighing machines
weight belts for divers
weight lifting belts [sports articles]
balance weights for vehicle wheels
electric arc welding apparatus
electric welding apparatus
electrodes for welding machines
protective gases for welding
rods of metal for brazing and welding
rods of metal for welding
welding apparatus, gas-operated
welding chemicals
welding machines, electric
welts for footwear
wet suits for water-skiing
wetting preparations for use in bleaching
wetting preparations for use in dyeing
wetting preparations for use in the textile industry
whalebone, unworked or semi-worked
whalebones for corsets
chemical preparations for treating wheat blight
chemical preparations for treating wheat smut
chemical preparations to prevent wheat blight
chemical preparations to prevent wheat smut
wheat flour
wheat germ dietary supplements
wheat germ for animal consumption
wheat germ for human consumption
bands for wheel hubs
bicycle wheel hubs
bicycle wheel rims
bicycle wheel spokes
flanges for railway wheel tires
flanges for railway wheel tyres
spare wheel covers
vehicle wheel hubs
vehicle wheel rims
vehicle wheel spokes
wheel clamps [boots]
gurneys, wheeled
stretchers, wheeled
two-wheeled trolleys
wheeled shopping bags
wheeled walkers to aid mobility
balance weights for vehicle wheels
bicycle wheels
covers for vehicle steering wheels
emery grinding wheels
golf bags, with or without wheels
hubs for bicycle wheels
hubs for vehicle wheels
lug nuts for vehicle wheels
machine fly-wheels
machine wheels
mine cart wheels
potters' wheels
rims for bicycle wheels
rims for vehicle wheels
roulette wheels
sharpening wheels [hand tools]
sharpening wheels [parts of machines]
solid tires for vehicle wheels
solid tyres for vehicle wheels
spinning wheels
spoke clips for wheels
spokes for bicycle wheels
steering wheels for vehicles
suitcases with wheels
tires for vehicle wheels
tyres for vehicle wheels
vehicle wheels
machine wheelwork
body harnesses for support when lifting loads
whetstone holders
whey beverages
preparations for stiffening whipped cream
whipped cream
whirlpool-jet apparatus
whisks, electric, for household purposes
whisks, non-electric, for household purposes
whistle alarms
dog whistles
signalling whistles
sports whistles
white lead
white metal
white of eggs
white pudding
electronic interactive whiteboards
cream for whitening the skin
skin whitening creams
teeth whitening strips
whitewashing machines
wick trimmers [scissors]
lamp wicks
wicks adapted for cigarette lighters
wicks adapted for oil stoves
wicks for candles
metal cages for wild animals
traps for wild animals*
wind chimes [decoration]
wind pipes for organs
wind socks for indicating wind direction
wind turbines
wind vanes of metal
wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal
weather- or wind-vanes of metal
winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses
winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses
indoor window blinds [furniture]
indoor window blinds of paper
indoor window blinds of textile
indoor window blinds of woven wood
indoor window shades [furniture]
indoor window shades of paper
indoor window shades of textile
indoor window shades of woven wood
window casement bolts
window closers of metal, non-electric
window closers, electric
window closers, hydraulic
window closers, not of metal, non-electric
window closers, pneumatic
window fasteners of metal
window fasteners, not of metal
window fittings, not of metal
window frames of metal
window frames, not of metal
window glass for building
window glass, other than vehicle window glass
window openers of metal, non-electric
window openers, electric
window openers, hydraulic
window openers, not of metal, non-electric
window openers, pneumatic
window pulleys of metal
window pulleys, not of metal
window stops of metal
window stops of rubber
window stops, not of metal or rubber
anti-dazzle films for windows [tinted films]
anti-glare films for windows [tinted films]
anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows
casement windows of metal
casement windows, not of metal
fittings of metal for windows
glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]
heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows
ironwork for windows
sash fasteners of metal for windows
sash fasteners, not of metal, for windows
stained-glass windows
windows for vehicles
windows of metal
windows, not of metal
windscreen cleaning liquids
windscreen wipers
windshield cleaning liquids
windshield wipers
barley wine [beer]
casks of wood for decanting wine
ladles for serving wine
wine aerators
wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated
wine cellars, electric
wine finings
wine pourers
wine presses
wine-tasting pipettes
wine-tasting siphons
water wings
headlight wipers
pen wipers
windscreen wipers
windshield wipers
baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations
paper wipes for cleaning
aluminium wire
barbed wire
copper wire, insulated
copper wire, not insulated
electric wire harnesses for automobiles
fuse wire
iron wire
metal wire stretchers [hand tools]
soldering wire of metal
steel wire
wire cloth
wire connectors [electricity]
wire gauze
wire of common metal
wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire
wire of precious metal [jewellery]
wire of precious metal [jewelry]
wire rope
wire stretchers [tension links]
wire strippers [hand tools]
masts for wireless aerials
draw wires [hand tools]
identification sheaths for electric wires
identification threads for electric wires
magnetic wires
telegraph wires
telephone wires
wires, electric
golf bags, with or without wheels
cask wood
cedar wood for use as an insect repellent
creosote for wood preservation
indoor window blinds of woven wood
indoor window shades of woven wood
moldable wood
mouldable wood
scented wood
stave wood
veneer wood
wood alcohol
wood briquettes
wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp
wood coatings [paints]
wood dyestuffs
wood floor finishes
wood for making household utensils
wood mordants
wood panelling
wood paving
wood preservatives
wood pulp
wood pulp board [stationery]
wood pulp board for building
wood pulp paper
wood ribbon
wood shavings
wood spills for lighting
wood stains
wood veneers
wood vinegar [pyroligneous acid]
wood wool
wood, semi-worked
wooden floor boards
wooden shoes
woodworking machines
bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool [not parts of machines]
carded wool
combed wool
cotton wool for cosmetic purposes
cotton wool for packing [caulking]
cotton wool impregnated with make-up removing preparations
fleece wool
glass wool for insulation
glass wool, other than for insulation
mineral wool [insulator]
needles for wool combing machines
raw or treated wool
shorn wool
slag wool [insulator]
spun wool
steel wool for cleaning
upholstery wool [stuffing]
wood wool
wool flock
wool grease
wool waste for cleaning
woollen cloth
woollen fabric
woollen laces
woollen thread and yarn
glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass
gum, raw or semi-worked
horn, unworked or semi-worked
leather, unworked or semi-worked
mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked
rubber, raw or semi-worked
whalebone, unworked or semi-worked
wood, semi-worked
knee-pads for workers
glass-working machines
leather-working machines
stone-working machines
workmen's protective face-shields
lithographic works of art
works of art of common metal
works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass
works of art of precious metal
works of art of stone, concrete or marble
works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic
works of stonemasonry
beer wort
malt wort
elastic woven material
indoor window blinds of woven wood
indoor window shades of woven wood
non-woven textile fabrics
bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard
straw wrappers for bottles
wrappers [stationery]
foils of metal for wrapping and packaging
plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging
plastic film for wrapping
ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping
sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping
thread, not of metal, for wrapping or binding
viscose sheets for wrapping
wrapping machines
wrapping or binding bands of metal
wrapping or binding bands, not of metal
wrapping paper
artificial Christmas wreaths
artificial Christmas wreaths incorporating lights
wreaths of artificial flowers
wreaths of natural flowers
wreckers for transport
tap wrenches
wrenches [hand tools]
mop wringer buckets
mop wringers
wringing machines for laundry
wrist rests for use with computers
anti-nausea wristbands
wristbands [clothing]
wristbands for the retention of writing instruments
straps for wristwatches
wristbands for the retention of writing instruments
writing board erasers
writing brushes
writing cases [sets]
writing cases [stationery]
writing chalk
writing desks
writing instruments
writing materials
writing or drawing books
writing paper
writing slates
brass, unwrought or semi-wrought
cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought
common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought
copper, unwrought or semi-wrought
iron, unwrought or semi-wrought
jet, unwrought or semi-wrought
lead, unwrought or semi-wrought
precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought
steel, unwrought or semi-wrought