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ClassIndicationBasic No.
brushes for vacuum cleaners
central vacuum cleaning installations
suction nozzles for vacuum cleaners
vacuum bottles
vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants
vacuum cleaner bags
vacuum cleaner hoses
vacuum cleaners
vacuum gauges
vacuum pumps [machines]
vacuum tubes [radio]
vaginal syringes
vaginal washes for medical purposes
vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes
bed valances
valenki [felted boots]
valet stands
air valves for steam heating installations
amplifying valves
clack valves [parts of machines]
clack valves of rubber
feeding bottle valves
level controlling valves in tanks
pressure indicator plugs for valves
pressure valves [parts of machines]
solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]
thermionic valves
thermostatic valves [parts of heating installations]
valves [parts of machines]
valves for musical instruments
valves for vehicle tires
valves for vehicle tyres
valves of india-rubber or vulcanized fiber
valves of india-rubber or vulcanized fibre
valves of leather
valves of metal, other than parts of machines
valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines
water-pipe valves of metal
water-pipe valves of plastic
water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic
weather vanes of metal
weather- or wind-vanes of metal
wind vanes of metal
vanilla flavorings for culinary purposes
vanilla flavourings for culinary purposes
vanillin [vanilla substitute]
bathroom vanities [furniture]
fitted vanity cases
vanity cases, not fitted
vans [vehicles]
vaporized fuel mixtures
insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]
oral vaporizers for smokers
perfume vaporizers
vaporizers for medical purposes
stockings for varices
bitumen varnish
copal varnish
insulating varnish
nail varnish
nail varnish removers
varnish-removing preparations
solvents for varnishes
sumac for varnishes
cooling vats for furnaces
vats of metal
vats, not of metal
poles for pole vaulting
burial vaults of metal
burial vaults, not of metal
filtering materials of vegetable substances
vegetable choppers
vegetable dishes
vegetable juices [beverages]
vegetable juices for cooking
vegetable knives
vegetable marrow paste
vegetable marrows, fresh
vegetable mousses
vegetable peelers [hand tools]
vegetable salads
vegetable shredders
vegetable slicers
vegetable soup preparations
vegetable spiralizers, electric
vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated
vegetable-based concentrate for cooking
vegetable-based cream
vegetable-based spreads
anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables
freeze-dried vegetables
grating machines for vegetables
lyophilised vegetables
lyophilized vegetables
vegetables, canned
vegetables, cooked
vegetables, dried
vegetables, fresh
vegetables, preserved
vegetables, processed
vegetables, tinned
vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes
automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires
automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tyres
balance weights for vehicle wheels
camshafts for vehicle engines
caps for vehicle fuel tanks
connecting hose for vehicle radiators
coolants for vehicle engines
covers for vehicle steering wheels
crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines
glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]
head-rests for vehicle seats
heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows
hoods for vehicle engines
hubs for vehicle wheels
lug nuts for vehicle wheels
non-skid devices for vehicle tires
non-skid devices for vehicle tyres
rims for vehicle wheels
safety belts for vehicle seats
security harness for vehicle seats
solid tires for vehicle wheels
solid tyres for vehicle wheels
tires for vehicle wheels
tyres for vehicle wheels
undercoating for vehicle chassis
undersealing for vehicle chassis
valves for vehicle tires
valves for vehicle tyres
vehicle bonnet pins
vehicle breakdown warning triangles
vehicle bumpers
vehicle chassis
vehicle covers [shaped]
vehicle covers, not fitted
vehicle headlights
vehicle hood pins
vehicle joysticks
vehicle radios
vehicle reflectors
vehicle running boards
vehicle seats
vehicle suspension springs
vehicle washing installations
vehicle wheel hubs
vehicle wheel rims
vehicle wheel spokes
vehicle wheels
accumulators, electric, for vehicles
air conditioners for vehicles
air cushion vehicles
air vehicles
anti-dazzle devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]
anti-dazzle devices for vehicles*
anti-glare devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]
anti-glare devices for vehicles*
anti-theft alarms for vehicles
anti-theft devices for vehicles
armored vehicles
armoured vehicles
autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections
axles for vehicles
badges of metal for vehicles
batteries, electric, for vehicles
bodies for vehicles
brake discs for vehicles
brake linings for vehicles
brake segments for vehicles
brake shoes for vehicles
brakes for vehicles
charging stations for electric vehicles
clutches for land vehicles
concrete mixing vehicles
connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines
couplings for land vehicles
cup holders for vehicles
defrosters for vehicles
doors for vehicles
driving chains for land vehicles
driving motors for land vehicles
electric vehicles
engine mounts for land vehicles
engines for air cushion vehicles
engines for land vehicles
freewheels for land vehicles
gear boxes for land vehicles
gearing for land vehicles
heaters for vehicles
hoods for vehicles
horns for vehicles
hydraulic circuits for vehicles
jet engines for land vehicles
kilometer recorders for vehicles
light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles
lighting apparatus for vehicles
lighting installations for air vehicles
lights for vehicles
locks of metal for vehicles
locks, not of metal, for vehicles
luggage carriers for vehicles
luggage nets for vehicles
mileage recorders for vehicles
military vehicles for transport
motors for land vehicles
motors, electric, for land vehicles
navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]
parking sensors for vehicles
propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles
rearview cameras for vehicles
reduction gears for land vehicles
refrigerated vehicles
remote control vehicles, other than toys
remote-controlled toy vehicles
remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections
reversing alarms for vehicles
safety seats for children, for vehicles
scale model vehicles
seat covers for vehicles
shock absorbing springs for vehicles
side view mirrors for vehicles
signal arms for vehicles
simulators for the steering and control of vehicles
sleeping berths for vehicles
space vehicles
speed checking apparatus for vehicles
spoilers for vehicles
steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles
steering wheels for vehicles
suspension shock absorbers for vehicles
thermostats for vehicles
torque converters for land vehicles
torsion bars for vehicles
toy vehicles
trailer hitches for vehicles
transmission chains for land vehicles
transmission shafts for land vehicles
transmissions for land vehicles
treads for vehicles [roller belts]
treads for vehicles [tractor type]
turbines for land vehicles
undercarriages for vehicles
upholstery for vehicles
vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail
ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles
voltage regulators for vehicles
washing installations for vehicles
water vehicles
windows for vehicles
veils [clothing]
vending machines
veneer wood
wood veneers
ladder tapes for venetian blinds
ladder tapes or webbing for venetian blinds
ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations
ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air-conditioning installations
ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus
ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles
ventilation hoods
ventilation hoods for laboratories
vermin destroying preparations
drinking vessels
urinals being vessels
vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks
bullet-proof vests
fishing vests
reflective safety vests
insecticidal veterinary washes
veterinary apparatus and instruments
veterinary preparations
glass vials [receptacles]
bed vibrators
hot air vibrators for medical purposes
vibrators [machines] for industrial use
vibromassage apparatus
vice benches [furniture]
vice claws of metal
bench vices [hand implements]
sous-vide cookers, electric
arcade video game machines
hand-held consoles for playing video games
joysticks for video games
memory cards for video game machines
video baby monitors
video cassettes
video game cartridges
video game consoles
video game machines
video projectors
video recorders
video screens
video telephones
wearable video display monitors
audio- and video-receivers
side view mirrors for vehicles
viewfinders, photographic
vignetting apparatus
chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting vine plants
chemical preparations to prevent diseases affecting vine plants
vine plants
beer vinegar
cruet sets for oil and vinegar
spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]
wood vinegar [pyroligneous acid]
strips for tying-up vines
vinic alcohol
vinyl floor coverings
vinyl siding
chin rests for violins
extra virgin olive oil for food
devices for the projection of virtual keyboards
virtual reality headsets
viscose sheets for wrapping
viscose sheets, other than for wrapping
visors being headwear
visors for helmets
vitamin preparations*
vitamin supplement patches
vitamins for the food industry
vitamins for use in the manufacture of cosmetics
vitamins for use in the manufacture of food supplements
vitamins for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals
vitreous silica fibers for textile use
vitreous silica fibers, other than for textile use
vitreous silica fibres for textile use
vitreous silica fibres, other than for textile use
blue vitriol
bone void fillers comprised of artificial materials
bone void fillers comprised of living tissues
volatile alkali [ammonia] [detergent]
volatile alkali [ammonia] for industrial purposes
volcanic ash for cleaning
voltage regulators for vehicles
voltage surge protectors
voting machines
vulcanization accelerators
vulcanization apparatus
boxes of vulcanized fiber
valves of india-rubber or vulcanized fiber
valves of india-rubber or vulcanized fibre
vulcanized fiber
vulcanized fibre
washers of rubber or vulcanized fiber
washers of rubber or vulcanized fibre
vulcanizing preparations
vulnerary sponges