Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
udon noodles
filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography
ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes
ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes
umbilical belts
umbrella covers
umbrella handles
umbrella or parasol ribs
umbrella rings
umbrella stands
umbrella sticks
frames for umbrellas or parasols
preparations for unblocking drain pipes
undercarriages for vehicles
sweat-absorbent underclothing
undercoating for vehicle chassis
underfloor heating apparatus and installations
carpet underlay
undersealing for vehicle chassis
autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections
breathing apparatus for underwater swimming
remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections
sweat-absorbent underwear
undressed timber
grape must, unfermented
ink cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers
toner cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers
paintings [pictures], framed or unframed
ungluing agents [chemical preparations for liquifying starch]
ungluing preparations
self-balancing electric unicycles
judo uniforms
karate uniforms
central processing units [processors]
electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments
floating production storage and offloading [FPSO] units
garbage disposal units
magnetic tape units for computers
shelving units
waste disposal units
universal joints [Cardan joints]
unleavened bread
handling apparatus for loading and unloading
rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
unroasted coffee
unsawn timber
separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations
unsticking and separating preparations
grasses for upholstering
feathers for stuffing upholstery
straw for stuffing upholstery
upholstery fabrics
upholstery for vehicles
upholstery wool [stuffing]
wadding for padding and stuffing upholstery
boot uppers
footwear uppers
uranium nitrate
uranium oxide
urethral probes
urethral syringes
anti-uric preparations
portable hand-held urinals
urinals being sanitary fixtures
urinals being vessels
anti-urine paints
beverage urns, electric
beverage urns, non-electric
funerary urns
urological apparatus and instruments
USB flash drives
USB-powered cup heaters
USB-powered hand warmers
spittoons for tobacco users
cooking utensils, electric
cooking utensils, non-electric
cosmetic utensils
kitchen utensils
soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
toilet utensils
utensils for household purposes
wood for making household utensils
uterine syringes
cleaning appliances utilizing steam