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ClassIndicationBasic No.
sachets for perfuming linen
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
bivouac sacks being shelters
sacks for the transport and storage of materials in bulk
saddle covers for bicycles
saddle covers for motorcycles
saddle trees
saddlebags adapted for bicycles
saddlecloths for horses
saddlers' needles
bicycle saddles
covers for horse saddles
fastenings for saddles
motorcycle saddles
pads for horse saddles
riding saddles
meat safes
safes [metal or non-metal]
safes, electronic
asbestos safety curtains
railway traffic safety appliances
reflective safety vests
regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus
regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes
regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus
safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes
safety belts for vehicle seats
safety cashboxes
safety chains of metal
safety curtains of asbestos
safety glass
safety lamps
safety nets
safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment
safety seats for children, for vehicles
safety tarpaulins
saffron [colorant]
saffron [seasoning]
harness for sailboards
masts for sailboards
sails for ski sailing
canvas for sails
sails for ski sailing
sal ammoniac
sal ammoniac spirits
dressings for salad
salad bowls
salad tongs
fruit salads
vegetable salads
salicylic acid
salmon, live
salmon, not live
celery salt
cooking salt
rock salt
salt cellars
salt for cattle
salt for preserving foodstuffs
salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs
salt shakers
salt, raw
silver salt solutions for silvering
sorrel salt
spirits of salt
salted fish
salted meats
ammoniacal salts
ammonium salts
bath salts for medical purposes
bath salts, not for medical purposes
bleaching salts
calcium salts
chrome salts
chromic salts
gold salts
iodised salts
iron salts
mercury salts
mineral water salts
potassium salts for medical purposes
salts [chemical preparations]
salts [fertilisers]
salts [fertilizers]
salts for coloring metal
salts for colouring metal
salts for galvanic batteries
salts for galvanic cells
salts for industrial purposes
salts for medical purposes
salts for mineral water baths
salts from rare earth metals
salts of alkaline metals
salts of precious metals for industrial purposes
smelling salts
sodium salts [chemical compounds]
sodium salts for medical purposes
toning salts [photography]
frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes
biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]
aquarium sand
aromatic sand [litter] for pets
foundry sand
sand trap rakes
sand, except foundry sand
silver sand
bath sandals
esparto shoes or sandals
sanded paper [litter] for pets
sandstone for building
sandstone pipes
hot dog sandwiches
sanitary apparatus and installations
sanitary knickers
sanitary masks for medical purposes
sanitary napkins
sanitary pads
sanitary panties
sanitary pants
sanitary tampons
sanitary towels
urinals being sanitary fixtures
water-pipes for sanitary installations
sardines, live
sardines, not live
sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]
sarsaparilla for medical purposes
sash cords
sash fasteners of metal for windows
sash fasteners, not of metal, for windows
sash pulleys of metal
sash pulleys, not of metal
sashes for wear
school satchels
satellite finder meters
satellite navigational apparatus
satellites for scientific purposes
satinizing machines
apple sauce [condiment]
cranberry sauce [condiment]
pasta sauce
sauce for preparing tobacco
soya sauce
tomato sauce
saucepan scourers of metal
earthenware saucepans
artists' watercolor saucers
artists' watercolour saucers
sauces [condiments]
sauna bath installations
blood sausage
sausage binding materials
sausage casings, natural or artificial
sausage making machines
hot dog sausages
sausages in batter
computer screen saver software, recorded or downloadable
coal saving preparations
fuel-saving preparations
life saving apparatus and equipment
life-saving capsules for natural disasters
life-saving rafts
savory pancake mixes
savory pancakes
savoury pancake mixes
savoury pancakes
saw benches [furniture]
saw benches [parts of machines]
saw blades [parts of hand tools]
saw blades [parts of machines]
saw holders
saw horses
sawn timber
bow saws
chain saws
saws [hand tools]
saws [machines]
saws for surgical purposes
sword scabbards
scaffolding of metal
scaffolding, not of metal
scale collectors for machine boilers
scale model kits [toys]
scale model vehicles
baby scales
bathroom scales
letter scales
lever scales [steelyards]
scales with body mass analysers
scales with body mass analyzers
scaling knives
scanners [data processing equipment]
scantlings [carpentry]
scapulars for surgical purposes
neck tube scarves
scent lures for hunting or fishing
scented water
scented wood
oils for perfumes and scents
schappe [raw silk waste]
school bags
school furniture
school satchels
school supplies [stationery]
diaphragms for scientific apparatus
pruning scissors
scissors for surgery
scissors, electric
ice cream scoops
money scoops
scoops for household purposes
tart scoops
mobility scooters
motor scooters
push scooters [vehicles]
scooters [toys]
self-balancing scooters
saucepan scourers of metal
scouring pads
scouring solutions
door scrapers
scrapers [erasers] for offices
scrapers [hand tools]
scrapers for skis
tongue scrapers
scraping tools [hand tools]
scratch cards for playing lottery games
scratching posts for cats
computer screen saver software, recorded or downloadable
interactive touch screen terminals
asbestos screens for firemen
camouflage screens [sports articles]
fluorescent screens
insect screens of metal
insect screens, not of metal
projection screens
protective films adapted for computer screens
protective films adapted for screens for portable games
radiology screens for industrial purposes
radiology screens for medical purposes
screens [furniture]
screens [photography]
screens for fireplaces [furniture]
screens for photoengraving
video screens
annular screw plates
extension pieces for braces for screw taps
screw rings
screw stocks [hand tools]
screw tops of metal for bottles
screw tops, not of metal, for bottles
screw-propellers for boats
screw-tapping gauges
screw-thread cutters [hand tools]
screwdrivers, electric
screwdrivers, non-electric
binding screws of metal for cables
binding screws, not of metal, for cables
micrometer screws for optical instruments
screws [propellers] for ships
screws of metal
screws, not of metal
gas scrubbers [parts of gas installations]
scrubbers [parts of gas installations]
abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin
gas scrubbing apparatus
oil-scrubbing apparatus
scrubbing brushes
sculptors' chisels
scythe handles
scythe rings
scythe stones
hainault scythes
sea water for cooking
sea water for medicinal bathing
sea-cucumbers, live
sea-cucumbers, not live
autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections
seal skins [coverings for skis]
sealant compounds for joints
bottle sealing machines
clips of metal for sealing bags
clips of plastic for sealing bags
electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging]
envelope sealing machines for offices
sealing caps of metal
sealing caps, not of metal
sealing compounds for stationery purposes
sealing joints [parts of engines]
sealing machines for industrial purposes
sealing machines for offices
sealing stamps
sealing wafers
sealing wax
lead seals
rubber seals for jars
seals [stamps]
seat covers for vehicles
bath seats for babies
ejector seats for aircraft
head-rests for vehicle seats
safety belts for vehicle seats
safety seats for children, for vehicles
seats of metal
security harness for vehicle seats
toilet seats
vehicle seats
walking stick seats
seawater for industrial purposes
prepared rice rolled in seaweed
seaweed [condiment]
seaweed extracts for food
seaweed for stuffing
seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption
seaweeds [fertilisers]
seaweeds [fertilizers]
sebacic acid
histological sections for teaching purposes
sections of wood for beehives
security harness for vehicle seats
security surveillance robots
security tokens [encryption devices]
medicinal sediment [mud]
seed germ for botanical purposes
seed preserving substances
cereal seeds, unprocessed
genes of seeds for agricultural production
plant seeds
processed seeds for use as a seasoning
seeds for planting
seeds, prepared*
sesame seeds [seasonings]
sunflower seeds, prepared
fruit segmenters
brake segments for vehicles
brake segments, other than for vehicles
piston segments
purse seines
rubber bearings for seismic isolation of buildings
self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes
self-adhesive tapes, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes
self-balancing boards
self-balancing electric unicycles
self-balancing scooters
self-driving cars
self-oiling bearings
road sweeping machines, self-propelled
self-regulating fuel pumps
self-toning paper [photography]
selfie lenses
selfie sticks [hand-held monopods]
seltzer water
semen for artificial insemination
semi-precious stones
acrylic resins, semi-processed
artificial resins, semi-processed
cellulose acetate, semi-processed
filtering materials of semi-processed films of plastic
filtering materials of semi-processed foams of plastic
plastic substances, semi-processed
synthetic resins, semi-processed
glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass
gum, raw or semi-worked
horn, unworked or semi-worked
leather, unworked or semi-worked
mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked
rubber, raw or semi-worked
whalebone, unworked or semi-worked
wood, semi-worked
brass, unwrought or semi-wrought
cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought
common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought
copper, unwrought or semi-wrought
iron, unwrought or semi-wrought
jet, unwrought or semi-wrought
lead, unwrought or semi-wrought
precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought
steel, unwrought or semi-wrought
cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed
cinematographic films, sensitized but not exposed
sensitized cloth for photography
sensitized films, unexposed
sensitized paper
sensitized photographic plates
sensitized plates for offset printing
X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed
photographic sensitizers
bite sensors [fishing tackle]
parking sensors for vehicles
piezoelectric sensors
oil-separating chemicals
separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations
unsticking and separating preparations
preparations for the separation of greases
cream/milk separators
egg separators, non-electric, for household purposes
egg yolk separators
foam toe separators for use in pedicures
grain separators
stalk separators [machines]
steam/oil separators
toe separators for orthopaedic purposes
toe separators for orthopedic purposes
water separators
serotherapeutic medicines
pie servers
fuel dispensing pumps for service stations
hydrogen dispensing pumps for service stations
coffee services [tableware]
services [dishes]
tea services [tableware]
serviettes of textile
ladles for serving wine
serving ladles
edible sesame, unprocessed
sesame oil for food
sesame seeds [seasonings]
coin-operated mechanisms for television sets
cooking pot sets
cruet sets for oil and vinegar
drawing sets
liqueur sets
manicure sets
manicure sets, electric
pedicure sets
printing sets, portable [office requisites]
radiotelegraphy sets
radiotelephony sets
sets of artificial teeth
spice sets
transmitting sets [telecommunication]
travelling sets [leatherware]
type-setting machines [photocomposition]
type-setting machines [printing]
purification installations for sewage
sewage pulverisers
sewage pulverizers
pedal drives for sewing machines
sewing boxes
sewing kits
sewing machines
sewing needles
sewing patterns
sewing thimbles
sewing thread and yarn
sex toys
personal sexual lubricants
preparations for reducing sexual activity
sexual stimulant gels
indoor window shades [furniture]
indoor window shades of paper
indoor window shades of textile
indoor window shades of woven wood
lamp shades
shaft couplings [machines]
bearings for transmission shafts
chimney shafts of metal
chimney shafts, not of metal
crank shafts
loom shafts
transmission shafts for land vehicles
transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles
cocktail shakers
salt shakers
milk shakes
machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing, electric
dry shampoos*
insecticidal animal shampoos
medicated dry shampoos
medicated shampoos
medicated shampoos for pets
pediculicidal shampoos
shampoos for animals [non-medicated grooming preparations]
shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations]
pillow shams
pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric
blade sharpening [stropping] machines
blade sharpening instruments
pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric
sharpening instruments
sharpening machines
sharpening preparations
sharpening steels
sharpening stones
sharpening wheels [hand tools]
sharpening wheels [parts of machines]
ski edge sharpening tools, electric
ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated
after-shave lotions
medicated after-shave lotions
shaved ice with sweetened red beans
shaving brush stands
shaving brushes
shaving cases
shaving preparations
shaving soap
shaving stones [astringents]
stands for shaving brushes
wood shavings
sheaf binders of metal
sheaf-binding machines
sheaf-binding yarns
shear blades
cattle shearers
shearers [hand instruments]
shearing machines for animals
border shears
pruning shears
shears, electric
identification sheaths for electric wires
sheaths for electric cables
electronic sheet music, downloadable
printed sheet music
sheet piles of metal
sheet piles, not of metal
turning apparatus for sheet music
plastic sheeting for agricultural purposes
absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging
antistatic drier sheets
antistatic dryer sheets
asbestos sheets
color run prevention laundry sheets
colour run prevention laundry sheets
draw-sheets for sick beds
dust sheets
humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging
incontinence sheets
inking sheets for document reproducing machines
inking sheets for duplicators
paper sheets [stationery]
road marking sheets and strips of synthetic material
sheets [textile]
sheets and plates of metal
sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping
sheets of regenerated cellulose, other than for wrapping
steel sheets
sterile sheets, surgical
viscose sheets for wrapping
viscose sheets, other than for wrapping
coconut shell
shellfish, live
shellfish, not live
oyster shells
shells [projectiles]
bivouac sacks being shelters
furniture shelves
library shelves
shelves for file cabinets
shelves for storage
shelves for typewriters
shelving units
sheng [Chinese musical wind instruments]
sherbets [beverages]
sherbets [ices]
dress shields
erasing shields
shields [paper seals]
workmen's protective face-shields
shin guards [sports articles]
roofing shingles
shining preparations [polish]
polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone
preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny
ship hulls
fenders for ships
fibrous gaskets for ships
funnels for ships
screws [propellers] for ships
spars for ships
steering gears for ships
timbers [frames] for ships
shirt fronts
shirt yokes
short-sleeve shirts
shock absorber plungers [parts of machines]
shock absorbers for automobiles
shock absorbing springs for vehicles
suspension shock absorbers for vehicles
shock-absorbing buffers of rubber
shoe buckles
shoe cream
shoe dowels of metal
shoe dowels, not of metal
shoe dyes
shoe eyelets
shoe fasteners
shoe hooks
shoe horns
shoe jewellery
shoe jewelry
shoe laces
shoe lasts [parts of machines]
shoe pegs of metal
shoe pegs, not of metal
shoe polish
shoe polishers, electric
shoe trees
shoe trimmings
shoe wax
shoemakers' needles
shoemakers' wax
beach shoes
brake shoes for vehicles
brake shoes, other than for vehicles
esparto shoes or sandals
football shoes
gymnastic shoes
heel protectors for shoes
lasts for shoes [parts of machines]
shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire
sports shoes*
wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes
wooden shoes
grips for holding shopping bags
net bags for shopping
shopping bags
shopping carts
shopping trolleys
wheeled shopping bags
shorn wool
short-sleeve shirts
boxer shorts
lead shot for hunting
sling shots [sports articles]
leather shoulder belts
leather shoulder straps
shoulder belts [straps] of leather
shoulder pads for clothing
shoulder poles [yokes]
shoulder straps for weapons
shovels [hand tools]
shovels, mechanical
showcases [furniture]
shower caps
shower chairs
shower cubicles
shower curtains of textile or plastic
shower enclosures
paper shredders for office use
shredders [machines] for industrial use
vegetable shredders
shrimps, not live
shutter releases [photography]
shuttering of metal for concrete
shuttering, not of metal, for concrete
shutters [photography]
shutters of metal
shutters, not of metal
shuttles [parts of machines]
shuttles for making fishing nets
siccatives [drying agents] for medical purposes
siccatives [drying agents] for paints
draw-sheets for sick beds
side arms [firearms]
side arms, other than firearms
side cars
side view mirrors for vehicles
moving sidewalks
vinyl siding
sienna earth
sieves [household utensils]
sieves [machines or parts of machines]
cinder sifters [household utensils]
cinder sifters [machines]
sifters [household utensils]
sifting installations
sifting machines
sighting mirrors for guns
sighting mirrors for guns and rifles
sighting mirrors for rifles
sighting telescopes for firearms
sights, other than telescopic sights, for artillery
sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms
telescopic sights for artillery
telescopic sights for firearms
signal arms for vehicles
signal bells
signal lanterns
signal rocket flares
animal signalling rattles for directing livestock
naval signalling apparatus
rescue laser signalling flares
signalling buoys
signalling panels, luminous or mechanical
signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal
signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal
signalling whistles
electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals
fog signals, explosive
fog signals, non-explosive
light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles
signals, luminous or mechanical
transmitters of electronic signals
signboards of metal
signboards of paper or cardboard
signboards of porcelain or glass
signboards of wood or plastics
digital signs
mechanical signs
neon signs
non-luminous and non-mechanical signs, not of metal
road signs, luminous or mechanical
road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal
road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal
signs, luminous
signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal
silencers for motors and engines
fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building
silica [quartz]
vitreous silica fibers for textile use
vitreous silica fibers, other than for textile use
vitreous silica fibres for textile use
vitreous silica fibres, other than for textile use
aluminium silicate
silicon carbide [abrasive]
silicon carbide [raw material]
silicon iron
reusable silicone food covers
raw silk
reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord
silk [cloth]
silk fabrics for printing patterns
silk flock
silk thread and yarn
silk waste
spun silk
silkworm chrysalis for human consumption
silkworm eggs
sills of metal
sills, not of metal
silos of metal
silos, not of metal
German silver
nickel silver
silver embroidery
silver emulsions [pigments]
silver nitrate
silver paper
silver paste
silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]
silver salt solutions for silvering
silver sand
silver solder
silver thread [jewellery]
silver thread [jewelry]
silver, unwrought or beaten
spun silver [silver wire]
silver-plated tin alloys
silvered glass [mirrors]
silver salt solutions for silvering
silvering powders
resuscitation training simulators
simulators for the steering and control of vehicles
sports singlets
mats, removable, for sinks
removable mats or covers for sinks
ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]
siphon bottles for aerated water
siphon bottles for carbonated water
wine-tasting siphons
bath tubs for sitz baths
nanoparticle size analysers
nanoparticle size analyzers
size for finishing and priming
size for use in the textile industry
finger sizers
ring sizers
sizing machines
sizing preparations
ice skates
in-line roller skates
roller skates
skating boots with skates attached
straps for skates
skating boots with skates attached
skating rinks [structures] of metal
skating rinks [structures], not of metal
skeleton sleds
cooking skewers of metal
mats of woven rope for ski slopes
sails for ski sailing
ski bindings
ski boots
ski carriers for cars
ski edge sharpening tools, electric
ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated
ski gloves
ski lifts
ski poles
ski poles for roller skis
ski sticks
ski sticks for roller skis
ski wax brushes
anti-skid chains
non-skid devices for vehicle tires
non-skid devices for vehicle tyres
wet suits for water-skiing
abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin
artificial skin for surgical purposes
cosmetic preparations for skin care
cream for whitening the skin
goldbeaters' skin
pharmaceutical preparations for skin care
skin whitening creams
tofu skin
instruments and tools for skinning animals
animal skins
bate for dressing skins
cattle skins
curried skins
currying preparations for skins
dressing, except oils, for skins
fabric imitating animal skins
seal skins [coverings for skis]
skins for drums
skins of chamois for cleaning
skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes
skirt flounces
bags especially designed for skis and surfboards
edges of skis
roller skis
scrapers for skis
ski poles for roller skis
ski sticks for roller skis
sole coverings for skis
surf skis
wax for skis
skittles [games]
skull caps
cement slabs
grave slabs of metal
grave slabs, not of metal
iron slabs
paving slabs of metal
paving slabs, not of metal
slabs of metal for building
slabs, not of metal, for building
tomb slabs of metal
tomb slabs, not of metal
slag [building material]
slag [fertilisers]
slag [fertilizers]
slag stone
slag wool [insulator]
asbestos slate
slate asbestos
slate pencils
slate powder
hooks of metal for roofing slates
roofing slates
writing slates
slatted indoor blinds
kick sledges
rescue sleds
skeleton sleds
sleds [sports articles]
sleep masks
railway sleepers of metal
railway sleepers, not of metal
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
sleeping bag liners
sleeping bags
sleeping bags for babies
sleeping berths for vehicles
sleeping cars
sleeping mats
sleeping pads
short-sleeve shirts
bibs, sleeved, not of paper
bibs, sleeved, of paper
expanding bands for holding sleeves
junction sleeves for electric cables
rubber sleeves for protecting parts of machines
sleeves [metal hardware]
sleeves for laptops
sleeves of rubber for protecting parts of machines
sleighs [vehicles]
cheese slicers, non-electric
egg slicers, non-electric
vegetable slicers
fat-containing mixtures for bread slices
circular slide rules
slide calipers
slide fasteners [zippers]
slide projectors
slide rests [parts of machines]
sliders for knitting machines
containers for microscope slides
hair slides
slides [photography]
slides [playthings]
slides for knitting machines
runners of metal for sliding doors
runners, not of metal, for sliding doors
clothing containing slimming substances
slimming pills
sling bags for carrying infants
sling shots [sports articles]
slings [supporting bandages]
slings for carrying infants
slings of metal for handling loads
slings, not of metal, for handling loads
china slip
non-slip mats
bath slippers
non-slipping devices for footwear
non-slipping liquids for floors
non-slipping preparations for belts
non-slipping wax for floors
slips [underclothing]
slope indicators
mats of woven rope for ski slopes
slot machines [gaming machines]
slug exterminating preparations
hardware* of metal, small
smart cards [integrated circuit cards]
smart rings
cases for smartphones
covers for smartphones
protective films adapted for smartphones
smelling salts
smoke absorbers for household purposes
smoke detectors
ashtrays for smokers
lighters for smokers
oral vaporizers for smokers
chemical preparations for smoking meat
herbs for smoking*
smoking herbs for medical purposes