Nice Classification



ClassIndicationBasic No.
jackets [clothing]
jackets for papers
life jackets
pipe jackets, not of metal
strait jackets
stuff jackets [clothing]
swimming jackets
boot jacks
jacks [machines]
lifting jacks, hand-operated
pneumatic jacks
rack and pinion jacks
roasting jacks
perforated cards for Jacquard looms
jalousies of metal
jalousies, not of metal
ginger jam
black japan
accumulator jars
battery jars
candle jars [holders]
cookie jars
glass jars [carboys]
rubber seals for jars
tobacco jars
jasmine oil
Javelle water
artificial jaws
fruit jellies
fruit jellies [confectionery]
jellies for food
meat jellies
petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes
petroleum jelly for industrial purposes
petroleum jelly for medical purposes
royal jelly dietary supplements
royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes
royal jelly*
jerrycans of metal
jerrycans, not of metal
jersey [fabric]
jerseys [clothing]
sports jerseys
jet engines for land vehicles
jet engines, other than for land vehicles
jet, unwrought or semi-wrought
whirlpool-jet apparatus
jets of metal
jewellers' rouge
beads for making jewellery
charms for jewellery
clasps for jewellery
cloisonné jewellery
crucifixes as jewellery
hat jewellery
ivory jewellery
jewellery boxes
jewellery charms
jewellery findings
jewellery hat pins
jewellery of yellow amber
jewellery organizer displays
jewellery rolls
paste jewellery
presentation boxes for jewellery
shoe jewellery
telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewellery
beads for making jewelry
charms for jewelry
clasps for jewelry
cloisonné jewelry
crucifixes as jewelry
hat jewelry
ivory jewelry
jewelry boxes
jewelry charms
jewelry findings
jewelry hatpins
jewelry of yellow amber
jewelry organizer displays
jewelry rolls
paste jewelry [costume jewelry]
presentation boxes for jewelry
shoe jewelry
telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewelry
Jews' harps [musical instruments]
jigs [measuring instruments]
jigsaw puzzles
expansion joint fillers
joint packings
joint packings for pipes
cylinder jointings
bandages for joints, anatomical
cable joints of metal, non-electric
fillers for expansion joints
joints [parts of engines]
sealant compounds for joints
sealing joints [parts of engines]
universal joints [Cardan joints]
joists of metal
joists, not of metal
novelty toys for playing jokes
joss sticks
journal boxes [parts of machines]
axle journals
journals [parts of machines]
joysticks being parts of machines, other than for game machines
joysticks for use with computers, other than for video games
joysticks for video games
vehicle joysticks
judo uniforms
fruit juice
juice extractors, electric
lemon juice for culinary purposes
non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages
tomato juice [beverage]
tomato juice for cooking
fruit juices
vegetable juices [beverages]
vegetable juices for cooking
jujube, medicated
juke boxes for computers
juke boxes, musical
jumper dresses
jumpers [pullovers]
junction boxes [electricity]
junction sleeves for electric cables
junctions of metal for pipes
junctions, not of metal, for pipes
juniper berries
jute fabric
jute thread and yarn